Beth Jackson

Acre Realty
2215 S. Oneida Street, Appleton, WI 54915

Everybody has a story.  A good marketer is simply a story teller.  Selling your home is a out getting out the word - telling the story.  As a buyer you want to find a home to continue your story.  And that's where I come in.  I will provide you the best service as a parting in buying and selling your home.

I have a story too.  I worked twenty years in marketing before my novel took some twists and turns.  I graduated from Cleveland State University with a business degree and went to work in the advertising world while working on my MBA part time.  When I received my MBA I worked and product management for a few years and eventually returned to advertising.  I worked primarily as a media strategist.  But in smaller companies we all take part in different segments of the business from direct marketing to research to new business pitches.  I became a "Jack-of-all-trades."

Then the story took a turn.  I fell in love, married, moved to Wisconsin, had two children and learned to be a farmer's wife.  No more free tickets to football games, no more trips to L.A.  I learned to pull all nighters in a different way.  I also fell in love with my home, with the land we farmed and what it respresented.  I felt with these new found "loves" I could bring something unique to clients - my marketing background, knowledge of the land and love of home.  So in between feeding children and livestock and shoveling some unmentionable thinks I pursued another dream and got my real estate license.

Now, I would love to learn you story and help you pursue your dreams.